Tom Murphy
  • @themurphyt
  • Creative Fella at Grim Tidings Picture Company
  • Liverpool/Runcorn, UK
  • He/Him
  • I'm probably trying too hard
  • I have at least five projects on the go at any one time
  • I'm bad at saying 'No' (unless it's to my son when he's trying to play my laptop like a grand piano)
  • I'm constantly searching for the perfect balance between 'pretentious snob' and 'down-to-Earth legend'.
  • I'm fascinated by the possibly inevitable Dystopian future of our planet but I also adore everyday, situational comedy - so I write scripts that meet somewhere in the middle! (Check out my 'Films I've Made' Collection to see this in action)
  • I'm interested in pretty much everything  and I'd love to chat about whatever you're working on!
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May 2021 - Present

Founder, Grim Tidings Picture Company

Jan 2015 - May 2021

Founder, XRhodes Films