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Tom Murphy

  • @themurphyt
  • Creative Fella at Grim Tidings Picture Company
  • He/Him
  • Liverpool/Runcorn, UK
  • I'm probably trying too hard
  • I have at least five projects on the go at any one time
  • I'm bad at saying 'No' (unless it's to my son when he's trying to play my laptop like a grand piano)
  • I'm constantly searching for the perfect balance between 'pretentious snob' and 'down-to-Earth legend'.
  • I'm fascinated by the possibly inevitable Dystopian future of our planet but I also adore everyday, situational comedy - so I write scripts that meet somewhere in the middle! (Check out my 'Films I've Made' Collection to see this in action)
  • I'm interested in pretty much everything ¬†and I'd love to chat about whatever you're working on!
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What Tom's working on

What Tom's working on

May 07, 2022
Shot our second short film of the year!

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Apr 28, 2022
Great book. Highly recommend.
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Apr 28, 2022
Designed a poster for our upcoming 2023 short film Milk and Two Bullets

Quite proud of this one!

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Apr 18, 2022
Wrote a few more pages of my second book - this one solves some serious problems and I've actually stopped writing it to use the solutions myself several times!

This one will be good for all writers, author, screenwriters and content creators!
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Apr 11, 2022

Finally finished redesigning my film company's website and I'm actually really proud of it!

Still got a few things to do, but it's live!

A quote from the site:

"Welcome to Grim Tidings - one of the fastest-growing film production companies in Liverpool and the North West.

Many of our films feature ordinary characters in absurd situations - a style we like to think of as Dystopian Realism.

Amongst these pages you'll find a collection of Independent Short Films made by a wonderful, diverse team and we're incredibly proud of them.

We hope you'll find as much joy in these stories as we do."
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Apr 01, 2022
What are you working on right now?

Would love to know what you're all up to!

Share your projects in the comments, let's support each other!
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