Writing on Developer Experience

My collected writing on DX and DevRel
I was asked for a good resource on what types of roles exist in DX and I wasn't able to find a recent one, so I decided to make one. https://theworst.dev/breaking-into-developer-experience This blog post redefines developer experience and takes a critical look at the use of DevRel as an umbrella term in today's world. https://theworst.dev/developer-experience I wrote a blog post about my process for content creation. It covers how to properly scope your content, pick the suitable medium, get quality feedback, and how to capture your audience https://the... Figuring out how to report on your work is one of the most challenging aspects of developer advocacy. I've been deeply invested in this topic for the last six months and I'm excited to share my tho... Over the last few months at Apollo, the DevRel team has been using a new framework called DX Audits to document, report, and address product friction. Product friction is the pain points developers... I wrote a guide to getting buy-in for developer advocates. It touches on what buy-in is, how it relates to developer advocacy, and some helpful information on how to achieve it. https://theworst.de... I wrote about building a virtual event experience for developers and setting up the GraphQL Summit discord server. https://theworst.dev/creating-community-for-events I wrote about my process for automating promotions for Apollo live streams. https://theworst.dev/automating-stream-promotion