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Tim DeHof

  • @timdehof
  • Aspiring Software Developer | Mechanical Engineer | Tech Fan
  • he/him
  • Jacksonville, FL
I'm an aspiring Full Stack Developer with a background in Mechanical Engineering. Although I enjoyed myself in my mechanical engineering career, I have realized that I enjoy finding solutions to complex problems. I believe my years of mechanical engineering experience, combined with what I have learned about software development, is something I think will be a great benefit to offer to a company. I recently graduated from FullStack Web Development Bootcamp, and I'm interested in any Software engineering or development roles. Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or by email at ttdehof@gmail.com. 

▪ Languages: JavaScript/ES6, SQL, HTML5/CSS3
▪ Front-end: React, NextJS, HTML5/CSS3, Chrome Dev tools
▪ Back-end: NodeJS, RESTful API, ExpressJS
▪ Databases and Tools: Prisma, PostgreSQL
▪ Deployment: Heroku, Netlify
▪ Knowledge: Modern Web Development, Algorithms, data structures, agile environment, Pair Programming, 3D Printing, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering  
▪ Certifications: EIT Certification, Florida, 2012, License #: 1100016119
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Jun 18, 2022
I made my first contribution to an open-source project
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Jun 06, 2022

created a digital business card

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Jun 04, 2022

I just registered for CodeLand 2022

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Jun 02, 2022
updated my GitHub profile following the link below:
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Jun 01, 2022
Rehighlighted by Tim DeHof
Just wanted to say thank you to Peter Johnston
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