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Timonwa Akintokun

  • @timonwa
  • Frontend Developer, Tech Writer, Open Source.
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • She/Her
Timonwa is a Frontend Developer, Technical Writer Open Source Maintainer, and Contributor passionate about making the web accessible to everyone.

She uses languages, frameworks, and libraries like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Styled-components, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Ant Design, ReactJs, VueJs, and NextJs NuxtJs, Redux Toolkit, Vuex, to transform UIUX designs and ideas into amazing-looking and responsive websites. She also uses tools like Git, GitHub, VsCode, Trello, Notion, Slack, and Figma to aid the creative process.

She writes by putting the end-users first while at the same time ensuring that every important piece of information is passed to them. She breaks complex topics and concepts into the simplest of terms and pays attention to details, especially regarding the grammatical structure and tone to be passed in her writing.

She writes on topics relating to Frontend Development which can be found on her blog called 'Timonwa's Notes' and on FreeCodeCamp. She also writes/has written for companies like LogRocket, UploadCare and 2Captcha. She is currently learning about API documentation and is open to writing on it.

In her spare time, she contributes to other open-source projects and also builds and maintains one called Tech Roadmap, which provides free resources to people wanting to start or build a career in tech.

Her hobbies are watching animations and movies, listening to music, playing mobile games, and falling off her skateboard.
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