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Tiziano Tassi

I have worked with Digital as a solution for marketing and communication opportunities in the last 8+ years, both in L’Oréal (client-side) and in Caffeina (agency-side). As Partner & CEO of Caffeina, I've been in touch with companies and brands leading several industries.

We believe in Digital as a solution that allows organizations to have a positive impact on their stakeholders. Caffeina is the choice for companies embracing this vision, it's the partner to go along through the change, it's the partner that wants to achieve real value results.

Our mission is to express ourselves with unique projects, to win ambitious challenges that enable Caffeina to fortify and grow.
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Jan 01, 2012
Jan 01, 2012
Excited to join Caffeina s.p.a. as CEO! 🎉
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CEO, Caffeina s.p.a.