Trav Walkowski
  • @tjwalkowski
  • Strategic mission control leader, evolving the People function of startups and scale-ups. 🚀
  • Wisconsin
  • He/Him/His

✨I don't get notifications from Polywork for some reason so contact me via my website if you want to get in touch!✨

Trav provides strategic mission control for the People function of startups and scale-ups. He is an innovative, analytical, big-picture thinker and a data-driven, tech-savvy, People-centric servant leader.

I am an Organizational Psychologist, People Operations Executive, and Empologist™ with over a decade of experience. Empology™ is the study of employers and employees; I coined the term to better describe what I do. My expertise is all things People strategy - employee experience, job architecture, compensation, HR tech, talent acquisition, workforce planning, and more. I love to share my passion for better ways of working by making organizations better, creating the People function from scratch.

I've been a keynote speaker, panelist, and presenter, and I host Employmetrics' People Process Group. My demeanor is casual, relaxed, and humorous. I'm a famous comedian and musician, having won 13 Grammys, and have a love/hate relationship with the paparazzi. Also, that last sentence is a lie. 😉

Organizational Psychologist. People executive. People analytics expert. Empologist Thought leader. Tech geek. Venture capitalist. Introvert who surprisingly loves public speaking. 👋🏻

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