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Oct 21, 2022

Shipped my first Shopify app!

Shipped my first Shopify app!

I did it! 🎉 I have shipped my first custom Shopify app for a client using React, Node, GraphQL, Polaris, the Shopify Admin API, and more.
I've learned a lot of new tricks, especially DevOps and CICD. It feels good to get back into coding. 🧑‍💻

Shopify is definitely a great platform with a lot of potential for developers to help local businesses. I'm looking forward to build more apps to help new clients and improve their workflow!

Especially in my city, Wellington, as well as in the rest of New Zealand: small businesses often had a custom e-commerce website built for them years ago by a design agency, now outdated, with no options to make changes or update their system without any coding skills. I'd rather help them build their business on a platform like Shopify where they can change things on their own, as well as building custom tools to meet their needs. 💪