Founded a new company
Started Grizzle on a weekend after reading "Sprint" by Jake Knapp.

The idea for a done-for-you guest blogging service came to mind after getting featured in MarketingProfs, CMI, and Smart Insights among others for my own content.

Instead of a grand launch with zero validation, I opted for constraint:

1. I could only use resources I had access to
2. I had to generate my first sales appointment in two weeks

This meant that I needed to find a domain name I already had (if you're anything like me, you have dozens), as well as hosting, WP themes and the like.

I even had to prospect 100 leads manually with blood, sweat and tears.

It also meant that, if I didn't get any interest in two weeks, I'd move on. After starting several failed ventures over the years, this thought was freeing.

Here's the exact activity I did to validate the service:

1. Set up a website. I already owned the domain from a previous project, and a WordPress theme c/o my employer at the time. I used Gimp to create a logo from a free font, but nudged alignment around to make it look interesting (I use the same exact logo today)

2. Write website copy. I used a framework called SCQA to write my copy (situation, complication, question and answer). One page only.

3. Write a three-email outreach sequence. The first email I sent was long. But I knew that, in order to give prospects the chance to make a decision, they needed all the information they needed. I could redeem myself with succinct follow-ups.

4. Use, (then "Email Hunter") and LinkedIn to find prospect data. I did this all manually on a Saturday and Sunday.

5. Tee up the outreach using free trial of ToutApp (now acquired by Marketo). 

I got my first response on the same day. David from ReferralCandy would go on to become my first client.

Then more came in. I closed my first three clients in 45 days, with a total of 5 in the first two months since the experiment started.

In two months I turned Grizzle from a brain-fart to a $5k+ MRR business.

It's now a full-service content agency, but that's for another story.