Michael Aigner

  • @tonka3000
  • Internal Software Group leader/Product manager, ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH
Coding and more 💻 C++, python, golang 📝 GitLab, GitLab CI 🦊 conan 📦 Building a lot of automation tool...  
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Oct 13, 2021
Oct 13, 2021
Contributed to open source
Published an Open Source Project
Published Raycast extension
+ 1
Publish GitLab extension for Raycast

Jul 08, 2021
Jul 08, 2021
vs code
Contributed to open source
Add Clone GitLab wiki support to GitLab workflow extension for VSCode
Jul 07, 2021
Jul 07, 2021
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Hosted a Meetup
Attended a meetup
37. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: Policy reporter for Kyverno


Jun 30, 2021
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