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Developer during the day 💻, sketcher at night 🎨. - I like to make nice looking things, with a keyboar...  
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Aug 06, 2021
Aug 06, 2021
Shipped an app
Published an app on Google Play
Built a Flutter app
Added new feature
Made using Flutter
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🎉🎉 Today is the day I finally updated my very first published app 🎉🎉
I first published Scored! in 2016 (!). It was made with Java, then rebuilt from scratch with Kotlin and a few years later rebuilt again in Flutter 🧑‍💻😵‍💫

It's worked well for the last few years but I still wanted to add something new to it.

So, logically, I decided to rebuild it (once again 😬) with the latest version of Flutter, which allowed me to make it a web app too 👍

For anyone wanting to check it out, here are the links :
Jul 06, 2021
Jul 06, 2021
Passed a test
Passed Uxcel Skill Assessment
Attempted the Uxcel Verified Assessment for the first time.
Quite happy with the result 🎉😎
Feb 16, 2021
Feb 16, 2021
Deployed a website
Designed a Website
Improved page load
Updated my personal website
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Deployed the latest version of my website 🎉🎉

Got a bit sick of having a big bloated angular app for a simple page.
I decided to remake a simple single page with the least javascript possible.

Making a simple page was a nice calming change, but I spiced it up by digging into SVG and animation 👍


Feb 01, 2020
Feb 01, 2020
Started a new role at Oxygis Partners
Excited to join Oxygis Partners as FullStack Developer! 🎉
FullStack Developer, Oxygis Partners
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