Started a new role
I'm now the Digital Executive Producer in our small(ish) city's newsroom. This means I'm now responsible for overseeing our small staff of Digital Content Producers. These are the people who update our news station's website with what's hopefully up-to-the-minute coverage of the news in our region.

This means my job is now to ensure that content is accurate and engaging, but also to see to it that we grow our audience steadily. The growth will be a challenge because, as a TV station, we're well behind newspapers and digital-only outlets in adopting the 'digital-first' mindset. The challenge is further complicate by our small staff and reliance on people who predominantly think of their jobs as being broadcast journalists.

We'll have a lot of training to do and I'm sure it won't be easy but I'm also sure we'll come out of the next several months in a much better place.