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LaTrenda Ross

As Founder and Entrepreneur of Trending Into "A" New Life, LLC, La-Trenda Ross is a life coach who helps you improve your life and achieve your life goals. Basically, help you live the life you always dreamt of. Trending Into "A" New Life, LLC stands passionately for YOU to have an authentic, vibrant, and fulfilling life, one in which you are not only realizing your dreams but savoring the journey along the way.    La-Trenda calls you forth to become the UltraPower of your life, intentionally creating a life you love! She creates an open and safe space for you to clarify intentions, explore possibilities, and clear obstacles to make impossible dreams a reality.    La-Trenda's coaching sessions are called inspiring, energetic, and transformative. Life coaching fulfills La-Trenda's purpose to help others become empowered in their lives, stop creating dark holes, see their radiance, and hear their inner guidance. 
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