Moved to Canada
✈️ Moved from Bangalore 🇮🇳 to Toronto 🇨🇦

On August 23rd 2019, my family received our work & study permits to move to Canada. In just two weeks, we -

  • booked flight tickets for the 14th so my we wouldn't miss much school
  • booked a 7-day Airbnb for a place to stay the moment we landed
  • made a list of houses we could rent, while still in Bangalore
  • bid farewell to all of my friends & family in Bangalore

On September 23rd 2019 (one week after we landed), we had rented a place to stay (for the next ~2 years) and my brother and I were on our way to our first days of school in Canada.

My life has changed significantly (for the better) since then and it still surprises me that we were able to move in a little over a fortnight after living in Bangalore for over 15 years.

I'm eternally thankful for the opportunities this has brought me and I'm looking forward to everything I can accomplish in Canada :) We were extremely fortunate to move before the pandemic.