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Design + Engineering + Economics

I design solutions, write code and lead teams, often working with founders, senior leads or C suite.   I've been through the lifecycle of startups.  Built many products (mobile, desktop and SaaS).

Helped create several VC-backed products / startups including ACV Auctions (NASDAQ: ACVA), Visbit, Needly, Appcelerator, etc.

Previously: Scientific Analytics / DARI, Google, Citadel, ROI Training, Global Knowledge and Axway (Appcelerator).

My technical skills are diverse from computer vision (OpenCV), machine learning (Tensorflow, PyTorch), mobile applications (Swift, SwiftUI) and real-time SysOps (PubSub, Redis, Golang) on Google Cloud.  I learned from some of the best engineers **always learning**.

I've invested in a few startups, mined crypto (BTC) and have been very very long on $TSLA (2012) - I first met with Tesla in 2007 🚀 


My first company was a wholesale distribution company of powersports and electric vehicles back in 2006.  We scaled to 4 warehouses and subsequently acquired a manufacturer in Ningbo, China.  Not only did I help create the company, but I hand crafted our ERP software and in-house CRM system (integrated D&B data for our sales team). These two projects were pivotal to our growth.  From this experience, I learned about software engineering and managing teams at a young age.

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Jan 2022 - Present

CTO, Mint Road

Feb 2022 - Present

CTO, Board Member, WoundPic

Aug 2021 - Present

CTO, Board member, ContraDoc (NewCo)

Jan 2019 - Feb 2021

CTO, Virtruvia