Uliana Galich
  • @uliana_galich

Hey there! I'm a professional visual artist, polyglot and a nerd.

I create 2D illustrations, traditional paintings, concept art, storyboards, etc.

I also do 3D modelling and 3D sculpting, had experience with 3D printing my models.

I'm passionate about computer graphics, video games, tech, art, mental health, neurodivergency, and mycology.

I live in French Alps, so in my free time I explore mountains, waterfalls and identify the local flora/fauna/mushrooms.

I was always drawn by many different interests, I'm basically like a walking wikipedia of knowledge related to plethora of different areas, and I always dreamt to be able to use this diverse knowledge, so this place seems to be a good fit.

I love to share my kowledge, occasionally I teach professional skills of computer graphics,also I teach languages and how I approach learning them (I speak 4 languages and somewhat understand on a beginner level more than 10, I guess).

I also do ADHD coaching and I try to help neurodivergent people to reach their goals. I've read a lot of scientific articles and information about ADHD, so I love to share this knowledge.

Also I try to help people with Imposter syndrome and women to doubt themselves less, because I relate to this issue.

Feel free to reach out!

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