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Valentin Kranz

I connect the dots, and I believe that the sky is NOT the limit! Universe??? Multiverse!!!

I find hidden opportunities in every problem, mistake, difficulty, or challenge.

Want to find new opportunities? Let´s talk: https://calendly.com/buenatura_

As an Entrepreneur working in Consulting & Advisory, Food & Beverages, E-Commerce, and Investment Management I:

My focus on creating structured theories and methods that permit [resolving complex problems] * [leveraging complex opportunities]

Unlearning BS, Learning RS:
Demanding and rigorous, I continually aim to improve my knowledge and performance in order to attain the highest standards of excellence.

Not taking no for an answer:
Because I am skeptical, I tend to develop my own, innovative approaches to deal with situations,  challenging the paradigms of many if not most of our realities.

Spread Relentless Positivity:
Skilled in connecting the dots, I leverage all my connections to add the highest value for my clients, partners, suppliers, and anyone else I can help.

I am allergic to:
Negativity, Racism, Fascism, BS, Excuses to not do your best.

Speak to me in:
English, German, Spanish, Portuguese...... Entrepreneurial crazy talk in any accent...
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