Vic Phillips SingleMaltTeapot
  • @vicphillips
  • Digital QA Tester - Multi-passionate creative - Daddo
  • Wales, UK
  • He/Him
Hi, I'm Vic, a multi-discipline creative living in the heart of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales, UK. A father first and foremost I'm also a photographer, woodcrafter, web designer and digital QA tester. I lead workshops in spoon carving, have built shows in some of the UK's largest theatre spaces and am a specialist in theatrical performer flying. I'm also a big fan of custard creams, board games, TTRPGS, soft synth tweaking and can regularly be found treating my Animal Crossing villagers like real folk. I like my tea to brew for a strangely long time, want to pet all the doggos and once got elbowed in the back by Prince Charles.
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