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Hi, I’m Vincent. Thanks for stopping by.

With over a decade of experience as a Software Engineer, I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded and mentored by inspirational leaders throughout my career. With that said, I’ve made it my mission to pay it forward as I am passionate and committed to help women land their dream career in tech. 

Over a year ago, I started out contributing my time by mentoring bootcamp students, helping them to practice agile/scrum technologies using Trello/Notion specifically during their job search to successfully break into tech. It was not until this past summer, I am an active Tech Ladies Founding member who is determined to become a viable resource through my industry expertise, tips, and recommendations to help women along their journey.  
As a woman in tech ally, I’m committed to making a difference which started when I was invited to numerous speaking events where I gained confidence in my public speaking and listening skills during my time at a chapter of Toastmasters International (Mather Toastmasters) Club. 

As we enter 2022, I will be taking it to the next level and committed to hosting bi-weekly LinkedIn Live events by investing guests who will be sharing their stories and expertise all of which will help to pay it forward. BUT it doesn’t just stop there. As a multi-passionate professional, I’m in the process of recording my own podcast as my goal is to reach out to many women who are struggling to break into tech and let them know they don’t have to do this alone. I hope my expertise and tips along with my community will help increase the ratio of women in tech. 
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