Bike rental website 🚵🏼

Built with NextJS
Used Tailwind CSS
Developed a backend system
Used vercel
Designed a Backend System
Used Supabase
Implemented a microservice
used TypeScript

One of my projects I am proud of is a website created for a small business in Bran, Romania, which rents electric bikes and promotes the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains -

It's built with NextJS (yeah, I love it!), TailwindCSS, Prisma, I've used Dinero.js for monetary values, and for user management, database, and storage, I've used Supabase - a nice alternative to Firebase. The website is also internationalized. I like to do this for my projects, by the way.

The website design was provided by Serchis Creative, a cool agency that I worked with in the past on several projects, and it's always my first recommendation. Here, you can check out the project Brand Identity. 🙌🏼