Launched my new website

Built with NextJS
Used Tailwind CSS
Used vercel
used TypeScript
After a lot of research on some minimalist websites I love, I managed to launch my new website - It was build with NextJS, TailwindCSS, MDX, PlanetScale and a bit of effort which finally was rewarded 🙌🏼.

I would like to thank the people behind the websites I admire and inspired me. So thank you,,, and These sites are stunning! 🎩

Some interesting facts:
- For the location in the description about me, I implemented an endpoint API which allows me to update it using Geolocation from Google.
- The "Projects I've built" section was inspired by the official Next.js site.
- I found interesting to create a page with all my board games.

The repository of my website is public and you can take a look, fork or star it. 🙏🏻