Litigation Technology Paralegal @ Slater + Gordon | Project Manager (Generative AI) & Student Experience Officer | Law & Cyber Security Student @ Deakin University
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Hi there! I'm Will, and my journey revolves around the dynamic intersection of law, cybersecurity, and strategic leadership. Currently pursuing a dual study program in Law and Cyber Security at Deakin University, I am passionate about leveraging technology to address legal challenges and ensure a secure digital landscape.

In my entrepreneurial chapter, I served as the CEO of Advertise Your Server, a thriving community growth consulting agency. This experience honed my strategic thinking and fueled my interest in cybersecurity. Today, I bring that wealth of experience to my roles as a Strategic Advisor and Project Manager at Deakin University.

As a Strategic Advisor, I provide insights into strategic planning, cybersecurity, and legal considerations, fostering success in diverse projects. Simultaneously, I'm at the helm of a fascinating Generative AI Project at Deakin, where we explore the frontiers of artificial intelligence and its legal implications.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I hold a Diploma in Leadership and Management, emphasizing my commitment to continuous learning and leadership development. I am also deeply involved in mentoring programs, where I share my experiences and knowledge to contribute to the growth of aspiring professionals.

Let's connect! Whether you're interested in law, cybersecurity, project management, or simply looking to explore new opportunities, I'm always open to engaging in meaningful conversations. Join me on this exciting journey at the nexus of law, technology, and strategic leadership.


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Jun 2024 - Present

Litigation Technology Paralegal, Slater and Gordon

Oct 2023 - Present

Project Manager (Generative AI), Deakin University

Sep 2023 - Present

Student Experience Officer, Deakin University

Nov 2023 - Present

Youth Advocacy Team Member, ReachOut Australia

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