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Walter Budzian

Up for talks on 🔬🌐🔍🏆📈💲😃⚫🎤🧙:

🔬 Uncovering your competitive edge through experimentation
🌐 Building a better internet
🔍 Revealing customer insights that can be leveraged to grow your business
🏆 Creating an environment where a team does the best work of their life
📈 Optimizing your digital assets for conversion and customer delight
💲 Using analytics and discovery to realize savings across your org
😃 Developing strategies for long-term customer engagement and satisfaction
⚫ Getting your business back in the black...or the red...whatever the good one is.
🎤 The greatest rap crew of all time (it was Hieroglyphics, FYI)
🧙 Engaging in the dark art of dialectic
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