Wes Kennedy
  • @wesdottoday
  • Technical Product Strategist
  • Columbus, Ohio, United States
  • He/Him
Hey there! I'm sure you can peruse my resume and my page here to get a pretty good understanding of what I've been up to, but I want to round myself out a bit more for you.

I'm a husband and father, co-founder of an Indoor Air Quality startup (launching in 2023), technical product strategist focusing on datacenter technologies, and a live music archivist.

I am recently diagnosed ADHD, which has provided valuable insight into how my brain works for myself and those around me. It's a shame that ADHD is so misunderstood, but I'm slowly learning how to harness the powers that it comes with for good.

I'm a chaotic good in real life but am playing a chaotic evil character in one of my D&D campaigns and a chaotic neutral character in the other.
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