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Last Week in AWS’s audience is a group of discerning people who care deeply about the state of Amazon’s cloud ecosystem. They include engineers, managers, enthusiasts, and more. Subscriber feedback has emphasized the value of “keeping current,” “learning new tips and tricks,” and “getting a bit of context behind new Amazon releases.” The blistering snark is apparently just a bonus. 

Neurodiversity as an Advantage with Wesley Faulkner

Episode Summary

Wesley Faulkner is a first-generation American. He is a founding member of the government transparency group Open Austin and ran for Austin City Council in 2016. His professional experience also includes work as a social media and community manager for the software company Atlassian, and various roles for the computer processor company AMD, Dell, and IBM. Wesley Faulkner serves as a board member for South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) and is a Developer Advocate for Daily.