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William Woodgate

I'm a freelance web developer, based in the south west corner of the UK. An environmental science graduate, specialising in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Python programming. I have a particular interest in projects relating to science and meteorology.

Always happy to lend a hand with any basic code questions you might have and suggestions for things like recommended platforms, web development courses, and troubleshooting topics. Feel free to reach out to me. I'd love to chat with you and share my knowledge! Please hit me via email or social media.

I'm also available for hire to oversee website maintenance or development, progressive web app creation, accessibility improvements, SEO, privacy law compliance, and any other tasks like converting design mockups into Wordpress, Concrete5, WebYep CMS, RapidWeaver etc.

Currently, I'm working for a company called HurricaneTrack.com where I have the responsibility for the development of their interactive storm tracking maps. These are used to pull in data from the National Hurricane Center and plot this data on digital maps; along with streaming Nest camera footage and live weather station data. These maps often make an appearance in YouTube videos watched by thousands of people and these same maps are used extensively by the science community, emergency planners and media organisations like The Weather Channel.

All my web development knowledge is self-taught. I'm a firm believer that this provides an advantage of enabling me to adapt to changes very quickly and be at the forefront of new features becoming available weekly to internet users globally.
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Jun 23, 2022
Added a timeline snippet on webyepstuff.com:

This allows website authors to login to a website (using WebYep CMS) to add, edit or rearrange items within the timeline. A smart method of displaying items in chronological order.
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Jun 12, 2022
Continued to upload more code examples and documentation to webyepstuff.com
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May 13, 2022
Updated and re-released the Slinky stack for RapidWeaver. A hybrid navigation menu / toggle accordion.
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May 07, 2022
A new project I'm starting. WebYep Stuff aims to promote the forthcoming release of the big WebYep CMS v3 update. 
My new website will offer various resources; like code snippets and extended documentation. Plus it will act as a place for anyone to contact me, seeking help with setup and deployment of WebYep editable websites.

What exactly is WebYep? This is an opensource CMS (content management system). It actually pre-dates Wordpress! WebYep uses a 'flat file' database to store website content. Easy to deploy, safe, and reliable. Available in both free and commercial versions. Max Fancourt remains the lead developer of WebYep, and will be publishing an official website soon.
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Mar 15, 2022
Worked with Greg Barchard at Chillidog Software today to make some improvements to the Grid Iron stack for RapidWeaver, including some debugging and committing those changes back on Github: https://chillidogsoftware.com/products/stacks/grid-iron 
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Oct 03, 2021
Added a new map layer to the HurricaneTrack.com interactive tracking map. This new layer allows a user to display NASA satellite imagery over the tracking map.
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