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Howdy! I'm Mark! 👋

Over the last few years, I've worn many different open source hats: consumer, contributor, triager, community organizer, documentation writer, creator, maintainer.

My experiences wearing each hat have given me:

💭  a deep knowledge of the open source ecosystem
🛠  a wide array of skills for building, maintaining, and expanding open source projects
🌎  a belief that open source will play a significant role in building a more vibrant, interconnected, humancentric, and evolutionary world

It's my life mission to improve the open source ecosystem and expand knowledge and access to as many developers as possible.

If you'd like to support my mission, you should sponsor my work!

Sponsorship enables me to dedicate my time to providing value for the open source community. Here's a small sample of the ways in which I believe I provide value:

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