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Wojciech Jurojć

🌐 Global Citizen and networker: Having lived, studied, or worked in Canada 🇨🇦, Prague 🇨🇿 Lucknow 🇮🇳, Sri Lanka🇱🇰, Bangkok 🇹🇭, UK 🇬🇧, Russia 🇷🇺 & Poland 🇵🇱.

🖥️ Ex Oracle & Business Development with 14 years of corporate, travel & mental health knowledge - I help employees to relax, improve their wellbeing🌿 & productivity. 🌎 Travel expert & Business Development. 60 countries & 14 years exp. (5 years in Asia🥾)

Passion about networking. Helping companies with international 🌎 exposure, intro and Biz Dev🤝

★Currently, I am helping Self Learning Solutions company with international exposure
★Also conducting webinars, teaching mental health and self help techniques for international companies (working with burnout, stress, efficiency) online/offline
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