Built something new
Built a webapp
Launched platform
Started developing a web app
Starting this month, we will be testing InformaticaLab,  a Dutch learning management platform for high schools, specifically for the subject Computer Science (informatica in Dutch).

Teachers were searching for new ways to individualize the learning process, while making the lessons easier to follow for all students. On InformaticaLab, each lesson consists of predefined components, like an introduction, an up-to-date tutorial video and an assignment.

We believe in learning by doing. This means each lesson is focused on working towards an end product, with loads of creative freedom for those who desire it, and a helping hand for those who need it.

Right now, this platform is dedicated to a single high school, but I may be looking at different options of rolling this out as a SAAS for more high schools, provided that there is a demand for it.

It is built with Next.js (React.js frontend and Node.js backend), Firestore and GCP Storage.