Started to maintain open-source project
Started a new open source project
Hey Everyone,

My and Angshuman Barpujari's project Certified-Cliché got selected for GSSOC '22 (GirlScript Summer of Code)🤩

If you are an OPEN SOURCE ENTHUSIAST and wanna contribute you may check the repo.

Demo Video

We have issues regarding
Web Development🌐 (Next.js, Tailwind CSS, JS)
Smart Contracts Development📝 (Solidity)
Documentation Improvement📄
Others (UI building, etc.)
[Issues will be posted soon.]

Live Link (On Polygon Technology Mumbai-Testnet) to the Project

If you have any doubt regarding the project, you may join the Telegram Group and ask your queries over there.

[DM will also work 😄 ]


#opensource #webdevelopment #gssoc22 #blockchain