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After a tedious sprint of 3 days and while pitching a product feature over coffee, I realized my high- it wasn't the double expresso, it was.. innovation.

A product guy with over 5 years of experience in the Indian startup ecosystem with having driven multiple products from 0 to 1. Have some interesting success stories and some even more interesting fail stories. 

I started my professional journey with one of India's finest design firms, Onething Studios as a UX designer and eventually a project manager. 

After a stint with Virtualists in VR building India's first VR jewellery store, I ran my own design and strategy firm, Why Ventures where we helped existing startups evolve their products and new startups launch including Pay10 where we went 0 to 1000 orders in 99 days. 

Thereafter, leading the product team at ZiffyHomes, a Y-Combinator portfolio. From none to over 14 co-living hubs(over 1000 rooms) in the last six months and now working alongside Nutrabay to hit the 1m mark.

Specializes in: Product Management, User Experience(UX Strategies), and Content.

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