Ye Liu

  • @yeliu
  • Building awesome apps
  • He/him
  • Newmarket, ON, Canada
Hi there, I'm Ye. I'm a software developer focusing on building apps on web and mobile with React, Fl...  
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App Developer

  • BaseCase
  • Jan 2016 - Present

Founding Engineer

  • Metaphor Data
  • Feb 2021 - Present
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What Ye's working on

What Ye's working on


Aug 17, 2021
Aug 17, 2021
Learning Rust
Studying Rust in Motion
Rust has been popping up in my timeline very often recently, so I've decided to take it to a serious spin 🚀

The material I'm using is the Rust in Motion course from Manning I purchased long time ago. Hopefully this time I'll put it into a good use 🤓
Jul 20, 2021
Jul 20, 2021
Solved a problem
Configured my Polywork Custom Domain
I have successfully set the CNAME up in cloudflare to use as my polywork custom domain today.

I simply added the CNAME record "journey" with the generated target, waited some time (less than an hour), then it worked. No drama, no need to introduce page rule or worker. 
Feb 01, 2021
Feb 01, 2021
Started a new role at Metaphor Data
Excited to join Metaphor Data as Founding Engineer! 🎉
Founding Engineer, Metaphor Data


Jan 20, 2016
Jan 20, 2016
Started a new company
Started BaseCase! 🎉
App Developer, BaseCase
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