Ulrike Zacharias

  • @yuri_zacharias
  • Agile Change & Organisational Development
  • Helsinki + remote

Organisational Development & Agile Change Consultant | Coach & Mentor | Advisory Board Member

I get organisations and business strategies moving from old to new as a Consultant for Agile Change*, Organisational Development and People Growth.ย 
Using an agile change approach, I design and iterate real-time, human-centric interventions based on people analytics data to create sustainable change in our real-time economy.

Experience: Consultant, HR/L&D Business Partner and Trainer with diverse, international experience in (remote/hybrid/classic) business and culture transformation, employee experience, new work, and agile methods for business services and in (pioneering) organisational agility.
Industries: SMEs, Ecommerce, Training and Coaching Businesses, social- & sustainable businesses, edTech, hospitality, tourism, aviation, education, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing.ย 

Let's get ready to grow and expand with joy.

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