Zach Yu
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You're possibly checking out my profile because you're looking for the perfect developer to join your company. But you might ask: "Why should we hire you?" Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been looking for a career path that I will enjoy working in all my life. I've tried out a few different industries, including hospitality, logistics, IT, and now I've finally found my passion! From the minute I typed out my first line of code, I was hooked. I enrolled right away in a coding bootcamp, and have spent every minute of my waking hour learning and practicing since!

In addition to that, once I graduated, I couldn't get enough of the learning, and immediately started looking for other sources to fill my brain with even more materials. I enrolled in a bunch of different Udemy courses, found a list of other coding related YouTube tutorials, and spend my day filling in the gaps in my knowledge. I am also often working on improving my previous projects, as well as building even more! In addition to being a highly motivated and hard working individual, I am also friendly, easy-going, and I have a great sense of humor. Where else would you find such a great combination of passion and enthusiasm, and with someone you would enjoy working with?*

*Disclaimer: Zach is usually someone who doesn't like boasting about himself, but has to do this to hopefully join a great company that would enjoy his presence and unending jokes. Zach is usually not the kind of person that would talk about himself in 3rd person either... Please forgive Zach's weirdness!
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Aug 2021 - Present

Software Engineer Instructional Assistant, App Academy