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Zainab Shakir

Hey 👋🏻

I am Zainab Shakir, and I am a recent graduate of the Multimedia Design and Development Program from Humber College, Canada 🇨🇦 

🎥 A little bit of backstory - my interest in designing arose way before I started my program, and I used to design social media posts and edit product photographs on a seasonal basis for 3+ years for a manufacturing business in India.

🤓 As a self-motivated individual, who is always willing to learn and grow, I've also completed a number of certificate courses on LinkedIn, and have also participated in numerous events organised by Adobe including the Adobe Creative Jam, Adobe Max Conference, Weekly Creative Challenges, etc. With these, I not only try to exercise my creative muscles, but also stay updated on the most recent trends and techniques in the design industry :)

Let's leave the rest to our Zoom meeting 😉
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