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  • Head of Product @ Panther | ODD2 Fellow and Mastermind Facilitator
(🔊 San-ya) 🌎 Automating global payroll & compliance. Turnkey employment in over 160 countries. 🇲🇰 M...  
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Sep 20, 2021
Sep 20, 2021
Became a Mastermind Facilitator
I'm a Mastermind Facilitator at On Deck Design 🤯

So excited to be assigned as a Mastermind group facilitator in the On Deck Design Fellowship.

Already hacking a workspace together in Notion 🛠
Fellow and Mastermind Facilitator, On Deck
Jul 20, 2021
Jul 20, 2021
Designed a New Component
Just finished handoff on this modular input component.
Use it as a standard dropdown list, a searchable list, a multi select, or even for item creation. Modularity (and Figma variants) for the win!
Head of Product, Panther
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021
Documented Product Requirements
Kicked Off a New Product
Kicked off a new product 🎉

Best part about it? Documenting everything in Notion, setting up templates for design specs and project plans for future use, defining user stories, acceptance criteria, technical constraints. 

Have I mentioned that documentation is 🔑 when working with remote teams?
Head of Product, Panther
Jul 11, 2021
Jul 11, 2021
Earned a Certificate
Just completed a great course by edX on remote work, called "Remote Work Revolution for Everyone".

Amazing insight on topics like:
  • the social presence problem
  • the different dimensions and types of communication
  • choosing communication tools based on the team's goal
  • different types of trust and how to build them
  • re-launching teams
  • overcoming language and cultural bariers 
Jun 23, 2021
Jun 23, 2021
Participated in User Research
Enjoyed helping Matt out with some user research on Polywork. Bonus points - I now get to tag someone in a post 😄
Jun 21, 2021
Jun 21, 2021
Joined an On Deck Fellowship
Just got offered a place at the On Deck Design Fellowship 🤯 
Can't wait for this to kick off in August, it's going to be an amazing opportunity to learn and grow!
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