Gave a talk on Mobile Testing Basics and Accessibility
Created and facilitated a presentation/workshop on Heuristic Analysis for Test Case Preparation
I'm attending TestBash 2022!
Held a joint session of Developer/Tester Ensemble Testing for my engineering team
99 Minute Challenge: Mindmaps to Generate Testing Ideas https://www.ministryoftesting.com/challenges
Returned to The Collab Lab as a Quarter 3 mentor.
Joined The Collab Lab Quarter 2 as a Mentor
Gave my conference talk: Beyond the Whiteboard: The Junior Engineer's Guide to Phone Screens, Behavioral Interviews, and Written Communication
Wrote an article about my experience implementing an automated testing program within a civic project. https://technical.ly/philly/2021/05/26/entry-level-dev-phlask-code-philly/
Tonight, I gave a presentation on my journey as a Code for Phily Fellow. https://youtu.be/fQq2X8swdLg
I was awarded Code for Philly's Engineering Fellowship. This 8-week program encourages new technologists to improve their skills by working on a civic project. https://codeforphilly.org/blog/our_fo...
It's official! I'm a Collab Lab Fellow! https://the-collab-lab.codes/
I had the honor of volunteering as a Teaching Assistant for Philly Tech Sistas this month! I supported a group of ladies as they started their journey as technologists. Want to learn more about the...
I added Cypress testing to my team's civic hacking project.
I've been awarded a LaunchCode Tech Leadership Fellowship! I'm excited and humbled by the opportunity to create a positive learning environment for the next generation of career transitioners. Teac...