Simbiat B. Sulaiman
  • @zibyah_sulaiman
  • UI/UX designer | Freelance Graphic designer | Product designer
  • Nigeria, West Africa
  • She/her

Simbiat B. Sulaiman is a UI/UX Designer/Freelance graphic designer with 3+ years of experience in the design industry.

  • Over the years as a designer, I've played a critical role in shaping the users' perception of a brand by improving users' engagement in a product, enhancing brands' recognition with consistent and quality designs, building users' trust and increasing conversion rates and revenue for brands by simplifying the users' journey as a product designer.
  • I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical skills to the design process. My passion lies in crafting intuitive, user-centered designs that enhance the overall experience for the end-user.
  • My experience working with cross-functional teams and my excellent communication skills have helped me bring my designs to life and deliver exceptional results for my clients. I am eager to continue to grow and expand my skillset as a UI/UX Designer.
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Sep 2022 - Present

UI/UX designer, TMJ Agency

Nov 2022 - Present

Graphic designer, MGD Trybe