Launched a Blog

As one step closer to retirement, I decided to open up and begin writing a blog.

But who writes a blog these days? Should I go against the current? One part of me tells me that the disdain created around social media might open up a niche opportunity for new bloggers. Blogging never fully died, it‘s simply owned by centralized digital ecosystems selling your content. As an old-schooler, I decided to take matters into my hand and designed a blog in Webflow. So far so good.

Anyway, the content…
We are living in a world full of minds. We hear, but don‘t listen. We think, but don‘t trust our feelings. Yet feelings are the language of our soul. We seek self-actualisation, yet we are stuck in our intellect.

I‘m beginning my blog with the credo: Think less, feel more. And all the stories that you are going to read allude to that naively simple truth. Because the truth is simple. It‘s only the mind that makes it complex.

・— ✦ —・

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