Mohammed Zeeshan
  • @zshn
  • Software Developer
Hey awesome people 👋

Welcome to my page 👋👋

I love learning to program and build software and contribute to make our life much better and easier. 

I currently work at FoodMarketHub, an asian startup in F&B space. I together with many awesome people are currently building a really cool digital platform to connect restaurants to their suppliers to achieve better food cost. 

Apart from coding at the full time job, I also help people launch their business with less time and effort leveraging no-code tools.

I'm very obsessed with learning and getting to work on challenges. If you know me personally, you might know I'm a big fan of Functional Programming and loves writing F# during my free time. I also transmits my knowledge who are willing to learn and help them break into tech.

That's it, have a nice day ✌️
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