• @aakimura
  • Co-founder / Product Dev, Elion Health
  • Mexico City
I crashed in Data Land by accident. Love plotting graphs and telling stories with them.

My superpower is above average googling and my curse is noticing misalignment by the pixel.
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Co-founder / Product Dev

  • Elion Health
  • Jun 2018 - Present

What Akira's working on

What Akira's working on


Jan 14, 2022
Jan 14, 2022
Designed a front-end app
Created a data visualization
Designed data visualization
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Designed the analytics website for Kami, our diet coach for diabetes prevention.
The main thesis is simplicity. That means prioritizing visuals over text, usability and avoiding stats and text.
Diabetes (and pre-diabetes) is hard to understand. Preventing it requires removing all possible barriers to enhance knowledge acquisition and healthy habit building.


Jun 01, 2018
Jun 01, 2018
Started a new role at Elion Health
Excited to join Elion Health as Co-founder / Product Dev! 🎉
Co-founder / Product Dev, Elion Health
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