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Staff Software Engineer, Netlify
May 14, 2022
Yesterday, I learned all about RedwoodJS from core team member Anthony Campolo. Thanks for hanging Anthony!
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Head of Developer Experience and Education, Remote
Apr 26, 2022

VIRTUAL WATERCOOLER: To Schmooze Or Not To Schmooze!

We discussed the question: "I live miles from the closest business hub! My quandary is how to choose when it’s worth a 250-mile train ride for a coffee or schmooze?"
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Spoke at the Indian Institute of Technology (remote): From 0 -> Builder - Developing on the XRP Ledger. The event was livestreamed on Twitch and Zoom.
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Staff Developer Advocate, Rasa
Apr 30, 2022
Streamed "Coffee Chat: Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing This Week (April 24-30 2022)"
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Cybersecurity Professional, Self
Dec 08, 2021

VOD: I rebuilt my computer let's leak passwords - live!

This was my first 'test' stream, I know the audio is absolute garbage but I wanted to share it as a little sneak peek as to my thought process, especially that but about Docker.
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Developer Advocate, Snowflake
Feb 21, 2022
Helped launch Snowflake's official Twitch channel, worked with marketing team to create graphic and visual designs, created a pipeline for guests to join
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Developer Advocate, Snowflake