Founder & Managing Partner, Ripple Ventures

Limited Partner Guest Speakers for Podcast

Are you a Limited Partner in the Venture Capital Ecosystem? Come talk about what you do on our podcast, Tank Talks We are looking for guests who are LPs on our Tank Talks podcast to talk through the state of the market and how fund managers should be navigating the next 12 months. If you want to join us on our next episode - reply to this opportunity. Tank Talks is a weekly Podcast series hosted by Matt Cohen, Founder & Managing Partner of Ripple Ventures. Matt host insightful conversations with leaders in the startup ecosystem discussing the truth about investing, building and running startups. He helps bring personal stories of founders, investors and operators to the forefront through in depth interviews focused on specific topics that are relevant to anyone interested in the technology industry.
1 day ago
Co-Founder / Frontend Developer / Twitter Dude, reignite.gg

Test new Android and iOS App for gamers

Hey there 👋 We have build a new app to generate digital cards for gaming and nerdy things.  We already successfully tested the Web-App  here on Polywork 🔥 Currently we offer a Steam Profile Card, DotA2 Card, Cosplay Card, Fortnite Card, Connection Pass and Streamer Card. Would be perfect if you have your own Steam, DotA2 or Fortnite Account. Or if you are Streamer or Cosplayer. Right now we need as many people as possible to beta-test the website/app. We are curious to test the Value and UX. We are looking for Gamers 🎮,  Product Designers, UX Designers, Software Engineers, Digital Marketers, Product Mangers, React Engineers, Steramers, Cosplayers, Fortniters, and many more. No calls, no sales. I will drop you a link to the apps. You will give your feedback via Loom or text. 🚀  We can't offer any compensation but we are really thankful for any help ❤️ Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.reignite.app Apple Testflight: https://testflight.apple.com/join/ypU4Y59Z See you in DM! peace&love, Felix 🤙
10 days ago
Junior Designer, Dawson Andrews
Spontaneous photoshoot in the Belfast Botanical Gardens. The atmosphere was stellar. And because it wasn’t a planned shoot we just had fun and tried to make the most of it because we didn’t have any expectations to hold us back. Really pleased with the outcome. I always try to bring my camera with me wherever I go, in case creativity strikes.
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About 1 month ago
Founder, Woody3

Looking for feedback on Woody3, a new job board for non tech roles in Web3

Hi polyworkers! 👋 I would love your feedback on a site I recently launched: Woody3.xyz. After 6+ months of recruiting for a crypto gaming project, hiring non-techs was the hardest.  We lacked talent pools to target the best PMs, Community Leads, Designers, and Marketers with an interest in Web3. So I decided to build my own solution and shipped Woody3, to help you find your dream non-tech job in Web3. I’m currently working on increasing traffic, fine-tuning the site, and collaborating with web3 teams. I would love to improve with your feedback. • If you are a non-tech looking for (or curious about) a job in Web3. What do you think about woody? what would you improve? what don’t you like? what do you like? • If you are a web3 recruiter or founder, would you post a job on the site? what would you improve? what don’t you like? what do you like? Feel free to share it via DM.  Thanks for your time! 🙏
7 days ago
Job Developer and Trainer, D L Kusky Services, LLC

Chat with a web developer

I am looking for a software developer to discuss the creation of a website/app. I'm in the early stages of developing my business plan for a new disability-related business platform. At this point, I'm primarily looking to learn more about the process and costs associated. This could potentially lead to a contract position down the road. 
1 day ago
Founder, Embue

Interested in Ethical Technology or Cloud Sustainability? Come talk about it on my podcast.

If you're passionate about ethical tech and want to join the fight in reducing our carbon emissions then come share your thoughts. Welcome to Public Cloud for Public Good, a bi-weekly newsletter and podcast focused on making the world a better place. Whether that’s making peoples lives better, building services in the public & third sectors or thinking about coding more sustainably. This podcast is hosted by Aaron Booth, a Cloud Sustainability Consultant based in the UK. We'll be talking to industry leaders about their experiences, the interesting things that they're working on and their tips and tricks on how we can live, code and build applications & services more sustainably. We will also be donating money to charitable causes, shinning a light on companies that are helping the world to become a better place and we'll also give you practical advice on how you can contribute to fighting climate change. To get in touch with the show and to sign up to our newsletter you can visit our website: https://publicgood.cloud If you would be interested in speaking on the podcast then please email or want to get in touch feel free to email  aaron@embue.co.uk Example Episode: Mapping Out A Sustainable Future - Simon Wardley - Public Cloud for Public Good (PC4PG) | Podcast on Spotify
16 days ago
Growth Marketer, CodeGem

Trivia Questions Needed For Popular TV & Movies

I'm looking for trivia content suggestions (Questions & Answers) on Movie Series and Streaming/Television Series. If you're a die hard fan of any show or movie series and have a few minutes to share some great questions, I would love to hear them. You can find the trivia app on Google Play. Happy to include you as a collaborator on my trivia app if you can craft up 10 or more questions! If you can provide 30 questions, I'd love to send $10 (CAD) as a thank you! >> Example Template Below At a minimum if you can provide the correct answer, the other three incorrect answers are optional. Media: The Office Q1: What does Jim put Dwight's stapler in? A1: Jello [Correct Answer] A2: Pudding A3: Water A4: The Garbage Q1: Stanley Hudson has a moustache. True / False (A: True) Disclaimer: Questions will be published in the app, so please refrain from copy/pasting questions from other areas of the internet. Original content only.
21 days ago
Data Scientist, Waterstons

Guest on a comedy business ideas podcast!

I’m the cohost of the show Brains on the Outside, a comedy business-ideas podcast! We try solve our, and our listeners, problems by creating ridiculous, wholesome and fun ideas for products and services! We are looking for people who are podcasters, business people, comedians, or just generally anyone who is knowledgeable in any field who would like to come and solve some silly problems and have some fun!
13 days ago
Product Manager Intern, Walmart Global Technology

Looking for people to review and help me improve my resume

Hey there!  I've recently made major changes to my resume and would love to get help and insights on how i can improve it. I'm currently looking for product manager/ APM and technical PM roles in tech/software companies. Thank you in advance for your time and help!
3 days ago