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Published a YouTube video
Interviewed James from the TinaCMS project to learn how you can retain the benefits of a Git workflow for your content and empower all teammates to update your website through a user-friendly interface.
Sep 30, 2021
Published a Figma file

Prioritization matrix FigJam template

Blank canvases are hard to start with. I joined the crew of template creators, and published a FigJam template to help teams prioritize their work
Design Advocacy, Figma
Oct 06, 2021
MCed a conference
Spoke at a conference

Jamstack Conf 2021

I arrived in San Francisco on Monday to prepare for Jamstack Conf. The plan was for the MCs and keynote to be all done in person, while the rest of the event was virtual!

We had rented out a house and hired a production company to do all of the sets and filming, and it was very exciting. It was early 90s-themed, and we had been getting so hyped as we got closer and closer to the start.

Tuesday was a full day of rehearsals and blocking out how timing would go, as well as some filming. And then, our prop van was stolen! A bunch of our things we were going to use were gone (luckily they found the van later), so that all had to be re-planned out. The next morning, Wednesday, the day of the event, we had a super early morning call time… and a bird ran into the transformer and blew out power to the entire area. It was a PANIC trying to plan what would happen next, with no power or WiFi in our perfectly planned set.

We ultimately had to cancel one of the three tracks at the conference, had Phil in the UK host the start of the event, we powered the house with a truck (literally), and one of our organizers had to produce the event at a nearby hotel while we tethered as much as we could from our phones. We were heartbroken that we didn’t get to show all that we wanted, but are so happy with the results anyway. You can check out the videos now, and more will be coming soon of the clips we were able to film offline!

Director of Developer Experience, Netlify
Nov 19, 2021
Featured in an Interview

An Interview with Vice

Had the honour of speaking with Vice about doing travel photography and videography for a living. Read the full interview & feature here!
Nov 18, 2021
Published a newsletter
Just shipped another newsletter! This week's issue focuses on building companies with principles of democratization, decentralization, & transparency.

Give it a read + subscribe (for free, of course) here:
Contributed to Open Source Project
Submitted my first contribution to an Open Source Project and was approved!

I added to Scott Spence's JavaScript Cheat Sheet.
Bought an NFT
In early August, I bought 3 Sewer Rat NFTs, because it's a profile picture (aka PFP) NFT project with their own ERC-20 utility token called $CHIZ.

Since then a similar project called CyberKongz became a bluechip NFT with the price of the NFT going up to 100 ETH and their $BANANA token peaking at almost $50 USD.

Earning passive income for owning a NFT is the trend and projects like Sewer Rats, Cool Cats (with $MILK tokens), SupDucks (with $VOLT tokens), DystoPunks V2 (with $CREDS tokens), Top Dog Beach Club (with $SNAX tokens), and  Dogs Unchained, (with $BOOM tokens) are leading the charge.

I already bought a Cool Cat in mid July, so I'm looking forward to my $MILK tokens airdrop in the near future and today I bought a SupDuck after learning they launched a $VOLT token on July 9th and holding the NFT earns 10 $VOLT/day, which is worth $10 USD. Their Medium states "$VOLT will be used for community rewards or as even a medium of exchange in the SupDucks universe, including games and our forthcoming Metaverse platform. However, $VOLT will not just be limited to Web3, you’ll also be able to use it to tip your fellow ducks in the Discord chat or you can earn them by providing utility to the community. Last, but not least, $VOLT will also be used in the future for drops, physical items and for meetups."
Spoke on Twitter Spaces

Twitter space on Startups vs. MNCs

Expressing my opinion and talking about my experiences on Twitter spaces is my favorite hobby. 

-> There were many insightful values shared by praful, shivay, aaditya, sahil, and the others. 

-> Can't thank khushboo verma enough for hosting this. 
Sep 18, 2021
Built a Design System
Built a Vue Design System component
Built a UI component library
Building a VueJS app
Building an app
Built a feature
+ 4

Built a custom Toast component for our Design System

As part of an interaction, I decided to build our own custom 'Toast' component. I designed this in Figma and built it with VueJS and TailwindCSS.
Aug 20, 2021
Created a YouTube Shorts
Created a YouTube video
Started the DevOps Journal YouTube Series where I share weekly what I have been doing in regards to DevOps and Cloud.

DevOps Journal - Week 1

This week:

  • I've worked on troubleshooting HashiCorp Packer automated builds where OpenSSH was failing to upgrade
  • Implementing a Docker Container Server in Azure using automated methods
  • Skilling up on GitHub Actions ready for a career move
  • Video collaboration preparations on Azure DevOps Auditing with SIEMs
  • Light reading of DevOps Adoption Strategies
Oct 25, 2021
Shipped a side project
With the release of macOS Monterey now available, I'm super excited to share a new UI kit that I made for Figma, which has many of the items needed to begin designing for the Mac. Still a bit to add, but this was a really fun project to take on!

Duplicate the file for yourself!
Participated in a Live Stream

Ecommerce on the Jamstack

I sat down with Colby Fayock to talk about Next.js and how it can help solve the many challenges of building e-commerce sites on the Jamstack.
In this video, we cover:

  • What is Next.js?
  • Is Next.js a static site generator?
  • What does server-side rendering mean?
  • What makes Next.js a strong framework?
  • What are some e-commerce challenges that Next.js helps to solve?
  • How is performance important to e-commerce?
  • How does Next.js help with performance?
  • How is SEO important to e-commerce?
  • How does Next.js help with SEO?
  • What's the most overlooked, yet oddly difficult part of e-commerce?
  • Accessibility, internationalisation and personalisation in e-commerce
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