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Frontend developer, Meilleurs Agents
Jan 27, 2022
Today, I updated a post I wrote earlier this month about using vim in VSCode ✍ 

I also added a bonus section at the end of the post to show how to 
move a code block up or down in visual mode. I added this keybinding recently, and I use it all the time right now 😀


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Team Lead (Identity and Access Management), 10x Banking
Oct 18, 2021
Updated my "Implementing Sign in with Apple in ASP.NET Core" article to reflect Apple's improvements (they now implement OpenID Connect).
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Senior Software Engineer, Flare HR
Sep 22, 2021
I less-than-regularly update old blog posts, and I have meant to update this one for ages, as although it is still relevant, it is five years old and the tech has changed a lot since then.

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Director, Big Attic
Sep 15, 2021
Updated "Updating Static Next.js Pages Instantly" to align with changes to SWR 1.0
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