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Amira Mansour

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Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️
I am Amira Mansour. I am currently leading a talented team @Shine and building the next generation of investment app @Orius. The main thing to know about me is I drink my coffee with sugar 🙈
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Jul 23, 2021

What's new at Orius? The journey of building a company continues  

Orius is today celebrating its 4th month of official existence 🥳 . Born as ai mate, we thought the name 'Orius' fits better to this baby. But you are wondering who or what is Orius, right? 

Orius is a safe place where to talk, learn & invest. People looking for transparency of their order book, tutorials that help them, and a secured platform where to talk (aka without bots), might love Orius. 

Our old, scary, weird logo doesn't exist anymore either. Orius has a new face, much more modern, a bit robotic, mysterious and sexy imagined by Ben Fryc 😁

Our main challenge right now is designing a product with a good market fit. I never thought users' research could make me happy one day, but it did! Our target responded positively to our ideas, gave us even better ideas, and a few of them naturally volunteered to be early users. 

I can't wait to show you the results. But I got to be patient baby Orius is still learning to walk 😂
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CEO , Orius
Jun 25, 2021

How to effectively define a company vision? 

Managing in 2021 is a set of whole new challenges. Our population is more educated than ever. Working for a company without a deep meaning of why we are doing something became almost unthinkable.

But as people change, companies do change too. And their vision, which makes their long-term mission, can sometimes change. And in fact, it must involve as a company is growing and facing intensive competition. 

Traditionally, we think of C-levels being the legitimate ones defining vision, missions, strategy, and goals. I believe that was true, but not fully true anymore.

I have personally faced that situation. The top leadership was supposed to bring a clear vision and mission for the department I was managing. But, they were too busy monitoring other projects as well. My team was impatient to know where we are going, and how we were going there. Definitely, they were ready for the next challenge.

That energy seemed to me too priceless to just let it standby. They are smart people, well educated, and ready to re-think a company vision.

Therefore, I organized work sessions, brainstorming sessions, coffee sessions, and whatever kind of sessions to gather their strategic thinking and understand what kind of work they truly want to do and why. I backed their claims with data, market analysis, benchmarks, feedbacks from clients, and more... 

My next step was about convincing my chefs. Intuitively, I knew convincing my chefs wasn't about making one presentation of one hour or two, but more about engaging in a discussion with them about the new vision. For once, my team and I aren't asking questions, and actively working on the answers. 

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Ops team lead, Shine
May 29, 2021

I made my first 3D Spaceship (without wings)😅

If you have read my previous posts, you know how difficult design is for me. But as part of building my own company, I have been trying to get better at it. 

Today I decided to challenge myself once more by trying to realize a 3D spaceship. It went well, except for the wings. Those were particularly difficult for me, and as you can see, my rocket has none, for a good reason 😂. 

So, this is probably the first rocket in history without wings, obliviously it can't fly but I like it her very much ❤️
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CEO , Orius
May 27, 2021

The Unicorn Journey By Three Legendary Founders 🤩

That was the title of the last session organized by Sarona Partners. Among the attendees, Alex Bouaziz (founder & CEO of Deel), Tom Livne (founder & CEO of Verbit), and L.D. Salmanson. If you don't know those names yet, well, just know, they raised millions for their business.

Let's be honest as a founder, raising funds is a really important subject. Having some insight from successful founders is therefore priceless. 

Haven't had the chance to attend? Here are the key points to remind👇

  • One company's potential growth depends on the CEO's potential growth: remember it's crucial to grow as your company keeps growing. Personal growth is as important as your company 

  • Choose carefully your partners: they must bring you value, and that doesn't only mean capital but also expertise, experience, contacts... 

  • As a founder, you are always fundraising: raising funds is the everyday work of the CEO. That means meeting people, making connections, discussing with experts, and so on... 

Let me know your experience with fundraising! I would love to hear it 😁
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CEO , Orius
Mar 01, 2021

What is it like designing a product when you are not a designer? 😅

When I decided to create @orius, I was quite optimistic about my design skills. After all, I have watched Netflix documentaries and YouTube tutorials. 

Just kidding. I knew it was going to be a real challenge. Probably one of the hardest things I have had to do so far, I won't lie! 

If you are a designer expert, I would love to have feedback from you  ❤️

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CEO , Orius
Jan 01, 2021
Excited to join aimate as CEO ! 🎉
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CEO , Orius