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I believe in #lifelonglearning and that the right #mindset is more important than what you did befor...  
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Oct 15, 2021
Oct 15, 2021
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Last Week from Monday to Wednesday (3rd-5th October) we had three fantastic graduation events of our three bootcamp-classes, Data Analytics (Monday), Web Development (Tuesday) and Java (Wednesday).

16 different companies with different sizes (from 17 to 290.000 employees) and from different industry sectors (e.g. consulting, media, logistic, e-commerce) take part when overall 40 graduates present their Capstone Projects. 

Companies as Capgemini, 7Principles and Gruner + Jahr showed over the past years how to integrate and work successfully with career changers.

But the graduation event is also for smaller companies like uniqbit or billbee a great chance to present themselves as a modern company with a great culture and to hire highly motivated people for their IT-positions.

It is also for our students a highlight at the end of their three month journey through the bootcamp into their new career and definitely a great chance to convince our partners of their personality and skills. 

What is the result a bit more than one week later?  

After many talks to graduates and partner companies we could sum up, that nearly every graduate who is looking for a job, found minimum one partner company where he/she wants to apply. Rather even more. 

But also the feedback of our partner companies was very good and so there will be not only a lot of interviews during the next weeks, but the first offers and contracts are already sent out to some of our graduates. 

So i am super excited to see how many graduates will be hired from our partner companies in the next weeks and to see, like this time, some of them at the next graduation event.
But then on the partner side and talking to the next generation of neuefische-graduates how the first steps inside of the company were after the bootcamp.

Sep 23, 2021
Sep 23, 2021
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Thank you Anna for the exciting and interesting call. It was a real pleasure to meet you and discuss with you the numerous topics. 

It is really nice to see that there are a variety of people who truly believe, that it depends on the motivation and not the experience, but also that change is something good and create new chances and opportunities! 

Thank you very much and I am looking forward to keep in touch with you! 
Networked as an introvert
Today I had a super exciting meeting with Andre who I met here on Polywork and we talked about career jumpers. 

While he mentors career jumpers in IT/Tech and tries to match them up with suitable companies I am more of a career jumper myself and work in a creative and unconventional business consultancy. 

We've talked about the importance of having a diverse staff - not just in classical terms but also in terms of different professional backgrounds and how this fosters innovation, change and secures companies' future. We also agreed that most companies are not yet ready to tap the full potential of lateral entry employees and both dream of advising companies in these regards.

I'm always up for exchanges like that and looking forward to keeping in touch with Andre, especially because he's got that super techie focus on that topic and I focus more on structural changes and future employee's storytelling and self-marketing.
Sep 19, 2021
Sep 19, 2021
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It was time again for some CV-Sessions for our Java and Data Analytics students, that we are doing with every class @ #neuefische.

In the first step we always do a career session that is around two to three hours, to give them general advices regarding their CV, cover letter, where they can apply and even for the interview. After that, we gave our students two to three weeks time to rework their CV's and implement a new design and especially add their new IT-Skills.

Then, during the CV-Sessions, we really take time for each student in 1on1-sessions to look at the details and give individual feedback and further advices.
But not only that, we talk about their expectations, worries, wishes when they want to.

I really like these sessions because the CV is still very important for many recruiters and especially as a career changer it is not that easy to show just through the CV what your skills are. So our sessions could have a huge impact, that our students and graduates get the chance getting an invitation to an interview.

But that is not the only reason. Talking about their former jobs, their former career stations and their motivation gives me every time the chance to get to know them better and to see what fantastic, inspiring, talented and definitely skillful students are part of our classes.

But it also inspires me, that no matter what you did before or no matter what happened in your life before, there is always the chance to start new, to learn new things and to be successful within a new field, when you are just motivated and have the willingness to work for it !

#newstart #careerchange #itbootcamp #cvsession #careersession #neuefische

Sep 13, 2021
Sep 13, 2021
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Hallo Polywork-Community,

ich bin super gespannt, was mich hier erwartet und wie diese Plattform es schafft sich von Xing und LinkedIn abzuheben.

Ich freue mich mein Netzwerk hier mit vielen spannenden Kontakten zu erweitern, mich zu verschiedensten Themen auszutauschen und mein Wissen zu teilen bzw. neue Dinge dazuzulernen.

Zu mir:

Ich glaube an #liflonglearning und, dass das richtige #Mindset wichtiger als die Vorausbildung ist.

Seit 3 Jahren bringe ich im IT-Bereich Quereinsteiger*innen mit Unternehmen zusammen.
Unterstütze dabei nicht nur Quereinsteiger*innen bei Themen rund um den Bewerbungsprozess, sondern betreue und berate auch Unternehmen in Hinblick auf zu beachtende Aspekte bei der Rekrutierung von Quereinsteigern! 

Abgesehen davon bin ich ein großer Sportfan, der seit fast 30 Jahren die Fußballschuhe schnürt, 2018 seinen ersten Marathon gelaufen ist und immer wieder gerne neue Dinge lernt und ausprobiert (zuletzt Surfen). Der Sport nimmt also einen großen Wert in meinem Leben ein, hat mir jedoch auch wichtige Werte vermittelt, die ich versuche in mein tägliches Leben zu integrieren.



Oct 01, 2020
Oct 01, 2020
Started a new role at neuefische
Excited to join neuefische as Manager Career Service and Partner Manager! 🎉
Manager Career Service and Partner Manager, neuefische
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