Arsala Grey
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👋 Greetings and Peace Be With You! 

I'm passionate about lifting human consciousness through Art, Technology, and Education

I'm currently building Grey Software, a not-for-profit startup I founded in Canada to educate and empower conscious software creators.

💡 If you're struggling with learning software development, connect with me on LinkedIn with the message "Resources and Guidance" and we can create a self-paced plan for you!💡

Outside of work, I enjoy learning about life, listening to a wide range of music, and expressing myself through poetry ❤️

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Thank You! 😁🙏

🔍Detailed Background🔍

I discovered my passion for teaching and building open-source tech while studying Computer Science at UofT's Mississauga campus, where I served as a Teaching Assistant and student club coordinator helping students bring their software ideas to life. 

While studying, I interned as a software engineer at Google and Vida. I got to work with kind and engaging team members who helped me learn and grow. Despite having issues with the startup and corporate tech cultures, I remained passionate and grateful for the opportunity to be so closely involved in design, engineering, and research. 

When I had the chance to return to work or pursue further education, I chose instead to pursue my passion for making open-source software products with people around the world and educating students along the way.

I founded a not-for-profit startup based in Canada to formalize this passion under a recognized institution.

Grey Software is my largest and most meaningful enterprise yet! 

2 years in, I've grown in ways I would have never anticipated, and I'm genuinely grateful for everyone who has collaborated with and supported me so far.

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