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Aug 30, 2021
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Here's a rather unique problem statement. Slightly tangential but probably worth experimenting and exploring. Swiggy's in the nature of delivering food. In India (especially) getting food during a journey can be a bit cumbersome and a little bit tedious. It comes with a series of problems; is it healthy, is it trustworthy etc? Could it be possible to trial out delivering food at central bus terminals (only at boarding destinations). From restaurants that are in the vicinity. 

Here's what you'd be solving; a) trust b) hygiene c) randomness d) quality. 

For restaurants - another avenue to cater to users
For Swiggy - tapping a % of new users. 

Perhaps this product doesn't require any form of innovation, but more so some form of growth hacking?
Jul 26, 2021
Launched an experiment
Premium home delivery experiment with own fleet? Let's do it! 🔬

We equipped 20 beta testers with a double home space and for six months, we will be delivering everything they buy online - from clothing to groceries (yep, including frozen foods!).

This is the lengthiest experiment I've ever run and it gives the team a unique opportunity to test our new driver app in real world and get the last feedback before we release it to our partner carriers.  

Besides, we wanted to do this for a while now. 😉
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