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Tracked custom analytics
Created an analytics dashboard for the SARS-CoV-2 vaccination process in Turkey using InfluxDB and a page scraper writtten in ECMAScript.
Aug 01, 2018
Launched a product
Created a Product Roadmap
Designed user interface
Tracked custom analytics
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Launched meditation and relaxation app, Inscape. Featured 5 times in the App Store in first 12 months.
Cofounder and Chief Product Officer, Gnomic
Started 22 days ago
Microsoft Access
Worked with Microsoft SQL
Developing a training tracker app
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This training tracking application is designed to track all the trainings we give to our customers. It also allows you to print all the necessary documents (Training certificates, attendance sheets, ...) in a few seconds by selecting the courses they have attended.
CAD Designer, HOMAG France
Conducted an A/B test
My Highlight: In 1993 when the WWW was born, I already was around.

My biggest "fail": In 1999 i was offered a job in the silcon valley but refused it, because i thought that the "internet" would come to Austria (Europe) anyway. It did. But it took 20 years.. (And Austria is still not the place to be for an internet entrepreneur)

So here I am and can give you one adivse: If you see a chance out there, then try it out. No regrets. 
Started 28 days ago
Power bi
Data analytics
Data Visualization
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Building KPI dashboards for various business cases using Microsoft Power BI
Started 28 days ago
Project management
Data Analysis
Power bi
Data Visualization
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  • Establishing a groupwide BI platform plus supporting the business areas with IT-backed KPIs and reports to gain better insights
  • increasing transparency in different areas for the management team to take appropriate action
  • responsible for managing and delivering groupwide reporting projects