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Dec 13, 2021
Published an app on Google Play
Published an app on App Store
Together with my team, we finally finished Trade Free app and published it on both Play Store and App Store.Β 

Trade Free is a commission-free rough diamond brokerage service. It helps businesses and manufacturers to distribute their diamonds product. It's actually my first time working on such app, which gives me a lot of things to learn!

Looking forward to what comes in 2022!

Designer, Metanoia Technologies FZ LLC
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Created Counter.Β 
Published an app
Published an app on Google Play
Published a mobile app
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Published the KGH-Vertretungsplan-App to the Play Store.
Dec 20, 2021
Featured in Android Weekly
Participated in a hackathon
Built an Android app
Got to participate in hackathons.

Learned more about the AlarmManager class.

Project πŸ‘‡
Convinced my team to use Jetpack Compose
In our tech debt meeting, Me and the Android team discussed introducing Jetpack Compose in our app and start studying it to apply it in our next big release in March.