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Después de terminar mi primer ciclo de Animación Digital, hice este corto. Mi primera animación 2D, llamada Lila, trata acerca del miedo a la oscuridad y la luna, la cual cuando aparece puede quitarnos todo el miedo con su luz y emocionarnos con su belleza.

Pueden verlo AQUÍ y espero que les guste!
May 01, 2016
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Took the job no one wanted and made it my own.

To earn some extra revenue from our parent advertising agency, the organization I was at took on code production for HTML banner ads. (My hands-on learning project was actually in Flash, which I had prior experience in, but like two days after that, Flash was handed an expiration date and we led the organizational pivot to HTML instead.)

Every other dev scoffed at it, since it was, y'know, banner ads, the scourge of the internet. We used Google Web Designer to add in logic and the necessary containers/scripting, and after way too many tears of frustration at eaten code and a genius realization that GWD just compiles down to flat CSS, I started applying the same CSS principles I did for front-end development -- appropriate scoping, writing performant styles and animations, and finding ways to streamline development and hands-on time.

I also had to interact with designers and creative directors as we worked together to create something that was engaging and on-brand, without violating Interactive Advertising Bureau standards or creating an annoyance. I got to apply my love of animation techniques to my day job, work with fantastic creatives, and complete highly profitable work for my organization.

The capstone of this line of work was running a hands-on workshop with the rest of the dev team to show them the techniques, processes, and brand motion guidelines I had developed, ending with the rest of the dev team creating work of their own and having to figure out for themselves what "make it pop" means in creative feedback.

Highlights include using the Twelve Basic Principles of Animation, building a complex interactive calculator with JS within the restrictive banner environment, extensive use of Photoshop to work with creative assets, and becoming known as the company's banner expert.
Nov 24, 2018
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The biggest meeting of motion designers and animators in Latin America. My motion designer and filmmaker husband Luis Felipe invite me, to participated in the 4th edition of Anymotion Festival, which took place on November 24, 2018 in São Paulo. An inspiring day with really amazing people and a lot of good energy.

We participated in lectures with YellowLab studio, Vetor Zero, Lobo, Birdo, Ariel Costa, Tony Zagoraios, Le Cube e Ricardo Mendes. I even won in a prize draw with the Greyscalegorilla pack with Tony Zagoraios. It was beautiful, it was intense and we're already missing so much.
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How to promote your project to a wide audience just by one video?
Every entrepreneur and marketer should understand that no one wants to watch advertising, which is why advertising on the Internet should hit the target clearly from the first seconds to the end. And one of the ways to announce your product/service to people is to use some elements of storytelling in commercials. 

Just remember how you watched the characters in movies or cartoons with admiration, stories are addictive with their plot and advertising is no exception, advertising might be more attractive than movies because of its appearance. If the ad looks like a Marvel movie, it has a high chance to be successful 
Created a logo animation
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Logo Animation

Created a logo Animation for PhileDaphine Jewelry.

Full case study on 👉 Behance 
Created a logo animation
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Following up with my last post about creating the logo and packaging design for Pancakely, here's a short and cute (🙈) logo animation that I shared on my INSTAGRAM

Full case study shared on Behance 👉